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Erika Lojen, Luise Kloos, Aurelia Meinhart and Ingeborg Pock unpacking and mounting their exhibition; all photos by HHW.

During the last week – accompanied by disquieting news from Libya, Bahrein, Yemen and Japan – the LICHTWECHSEL exhibition was built by Gruppe 77 members in the Åbo Akademi Business School. On Wednesday, the Nomadic University gathered for its twelfth session. Thursday was Opening Day, starting by professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux lecturing over “Why Andy Warhol Was Right – How Art Schools Turned Into Business Schools”.
After the ceremonial opening and a tour around the Business School – in its turn transformed into an art gallery – the programme continued; among other things, the audience took part in a performance by artist Jan-Erik Andersson commenting on the Destruction of Beauty, embodied in a blue wooden house demolished by the City of Turku.

To round off, former Editor-in-Chief Arne Ruth brought recent headlines back into our minds – connecting the heritage of Enlightenment with ongoing struggle for freedom and equal rights.
Three students from the Business School, following a project course in art and marketing on LICHTWECHSEL, have set up their own blog mirroring the event.

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