Artistic Research Processes at Konstnärshuset (Stockholm) III

art, recent work

The exhibition at Konstnärshuset is finished. For you who missed it, or couldn’t come – here’s to give you an idea of the rest of the exhibited works, along with links to full text papers (in Swedish):

Konstnärshuset Lena Oja b

Lena Oja: The management of a Cervical Spine/
Ridkonstens samtal: en vägbeskrivning

Konstnärshuset Auli Laitinen 2b

Konstnärshuset Auli Laitinen 1b

Auli Laitinen: In My Nature/I min natur (2012)

Konstnärshuset Madeleine Aleman b
Madeleine Aleman:
A Meal in Swedenborg’s Summer House/
En måltid i Swedenborgs lusthus (2012)


Antonie Frank: [WHITEWASH] (2012)

And a few more projects which come as artistic statements, with the verbal part yet unpublished:

Konstnärshuset Agnieszka Knap 2b

Konstnärshuset Agnieszka Knap 1b

Agnieszka Knap: What Could it Be?/Vad skulle det kunna vara?

Konstnärshuset Ivar Sviestins 2b

Ivar Sviestins: The Human Face/Människans ansikte
(note that the left picture is an extreme zoom-in, focusing the eye of a portrayed person – who is, in his turn, watching the photographer

Konstnärshuset Roland Ljungberg b

Roland Ljungberg: The Place/Platsen – artist book (2013)
PhD Roland Ljungberg is – together with Emma Göransson – the developer and leader of the course Artistic Research Processes. His dissertation (“En resa från det ordlösa”) is a personal mapping of the artist’s professional skills and knowledge.

All photos by HHW.

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