Project Student!

art, recent work

140901 01b KKH140901 05b KKH140901 07b KKH  Registration day at the Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm)

And then… and then, one late summer day I found myself once more a student at the Royal Institute of Art. On September 1st, the new semester began – immersed in sunshine and jazz music – with a speech by new director Marta Kuzma. Then official photographing on the lawn. And for me, a space in the graphic department. I bring the object from Mr Benetton, and install myself.

140912 01b KKHNow, that’s already two full months since, and my main project is slowly evolving. It’s connected to my studies at the Södertörn University; I could say I’m attempting at bringing art to the academic world, as well as academia to the art world. Or: that I’m exploring what can be lined up in written sentences, and what can be reflected on a surface only.

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