2nd batch

art, recent work


15 square metres were far from enough. As sun and wind drives away the last of winter, I’m dyeing a second batch – another 10 x 1,5 metres – of blue silk. This is my part of a collaboration with Anna Wahl Gran, who masters the technique of nuno felting… The silk will be laid out with fine wool and felted into a compound; the intense blue will blend with the naturally brown and blackish shades of sheep fleece. While ironing metre after metre of fabric – in order to stabilize the dye – I think of the first test samples from Anna, and of those stunning photos of deep space… (Actually, pure blue isn’t really my colour.)


Above: test samples of nuno felting with fine wool and dyed silk, made by Anna Wahl Gran.
Below: M81 Galaxy Group through the Integrated Flux Nebula,
photo by D. Lopez and A Rosenberg/ IAC

APOD Lopez & Rosenberg


180422 02b

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