the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 19

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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A chilly, rainy day. A neighbour cleans his windows across the street. Yesterday, guests helpfully removed some of the large canvasses (but stopped short at the last two). Today, I continue opening up the space – although I’d need more help to empty another wall. Meanwhile, I place some smaller works at the entrance, so as to welcome the gallery-goers of the weekend. A few of them venture a quick look inside my place.

220528 22b

Finally, a guy from the Netherlands proves happy to play along with my works, in a most gracious way; chosing three paintings, arranging them carefully and then presenting me an interpretation where they mirror spiritual evolvement from chaos to fulfillment and peace. Yesterday’s theme, today’s gift…

220528 24b

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