@ ArtLab Gnesta II

art, beauty, recent work

installation at ArtLab Gnesta, Aug/Sept 2011; photos HHW.

The installation space in itself is interesting: a very narrow staircase leading from the main entrance up to a tiny lounge corner. Wrought iron balustrades enclose the floorspace on two sides, leaving open some five or six metres of height on the other side and giving the feeling of an indoor balcony. From up here, one can watch people go by downstairs and look down upon the ground floor exhibition space.
A calm space; secluded, yet connected.

I decide to leave the balcony’s walls empty, just placing a round, black piece of felt on the floor. Upon the black mat: an armchair. It’s an old one, made to support sitting in an upright position. It couldn’t really be called an easy chair… it seems designed for wakeful rest.
On the walls facing the balcony, I add some items: a charcoal drawing and some written paragraphs on the wall surface; a model study from long ago; a more recent motif treated in two tempera paintings; a plummet; two (self)portraits – one by me, one by a friend; and some mirrors. I make sure that one of the mirrors reflect what’s going on upstairs for those who have to stay below – since there is zero accessibility for those who cannot climb the stairs. Finally, for those who will look for an interpretation key, I leave some reading beside the armchair.

This is it.
Feel invited to sit down for a while, next to art.

Voice of Colour – Colours of the Voice

art, beauty, recent work

light falling through painted silk screens; photo by HHW.

And today is the grand opening day for see!colour! – a multiple exhibition in Järna with works by James Turrell, Hilma af Klint and Rudolf Steiner, along with colour experiments in the spirit of Goethe – all surrounded by Ytterjärna garden park by the Baltic Sea.

The four parallell exhibitions and the living light and spaces of the garden offer a range of experiences. I am very happy to be a part of this event; together with singer Sinikka Mikkola, I will stage two workshops where listening is the artistic core – Voice of Colour /Colours of the Voice; one at Midsummer, June 23 – 26, and one by the end of September.

Sinikka is a long-time experienced Werbeck singer and pedagogue. As for myself, I have carried out artistic works in different social settings since the mid ’90s – since 2007 documented on this website. Both of us aim to practise a listening mode in our professional fields, something we wish to develop further by this joint workshop.
In the mornings, we will practise to uncover the fullness of voice, individually and as a group. In the afternoons, we will explore the life of colours perceived through the personal temperaments, painting outdoors on large silk screens in the garden. For the evenings, there will be time for reflections and the deepening of artistic themes as well as for improvisational vocal music.

Interested to join?
Leave a comment below, and we’ll contact you for further information. Welcome!

calling Apollo; installation in Ytterjärna garden park 2008; HHW.


art, beauty, recent work

light and shadows in the corridor; photos by HHW.

For three weeks, The Åbo Akademi University Business School became an art gallery: its walls mirroring an artistic journey through Europe, captured encounters of light, places and people.
The LICHTWECHSEL exhibition closed in April, but some of the works – among them Erika Lojen’s Das Licht das Ich Suche – will stay. And so will the memories, for all of us who were part of the process. Art comes to life in our minds, it is there whenever we recall it.


art, beauty, recent work

Orchestra rehearsal in Auditorium I; all photos by HHW.

In Auditorium I, the Academic Orchestra is rehearsing under Das Licht das Ich Suche – a photo series composed for this space by Erika Lojen.
The River
, a piece by Finnish composer Selim Palmgren, searches its way through Sunday morning hours; begins, then halts to take another direction and unfold anew, over and over. As day turns towards afternoon, sun reaches in through large windows and the orchestra tunes their instruments for Claude Debussy’s La Mer.


art, beauty, recent work

Erika Lojen, Luise Kloos, Aurelia Meinhart and Ingeborg Pock unpacking and mounting their exhibition; all photos by HHW.

During the last week – accompanied by disquieting news from Libya, Bahrein, Yemen and Japan – the LICHTWECHSEL exhibition was built by Gruppe 77 members in the Åbo Akademi Business School. On Wednesday, the Nomadic University gathered for its twelfth session. Thursday was Opening Day, starting by professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux lecturing over “Why Andy Warhol Was Right – How Art Schools Turned Into Business Schools”.
After the ceremonial opening and a tour around the Business School – in its turn transformed into an art gallery – the programme continued; among other things, the audience took part in a performance by artist Jan-Erik Andersson commenting on the Destruction of Beauty, embodied in a blue wooden house demolished by the City of Turku.

To round off, former Editor-in-Chief Arne Ruth brought recent headlines back into our minds – connecting the heritage of Enlightenment with ongoing struggle for freedom and equal rights.
Three students from the Business School, following a project course in art and marketing on LICHTWECHSEL, have set up their own blog mirroring the event.